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Default Converting fce cheats to game genie

I have been playing around with a couple NES games I used to play as a kid, Fester's Quest and Willow. My goal was to hack various things like health and stats which was pretty easy.

The next challenge was to make walk through walls cheats. I can do this using FCEUX, but the Game Genie codes don't come out right. For Willow making $833C 07 and for Fester making $CCC1 04 allows for totally free movement. The corresponding Game Genie codes, YAUEGLAT and GEGGOG, don't work the same. Willow can't move to the right and Fester disappears after touching a wall. Any thoughts on why this happens or what I can do make them work better?

I realized I had to write an NOP instruction to the addresses with EA. The new codes are below.

Willow: 833C EA Compare:60 ---> XTUEGLAV
Fester: CCC1 EA Compare:BD ---> XVKGOKSU

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