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Default Palette changing

As those of you slightly familiar with FF V will know, Galuf lacks the sprites for the one Class he never could obtain: Mimic. There have been some requests and I set out to make it. The sprite is done by now: although this is my first graphic hack, Square made it pretty obvious what they wanted the Mimic to look like, so it was just borrowing a lot from his 'Bare' sprite and add a nifty cape. I think you won't know the difference if you don't know it's custom already. At least I hope so.

Here's the problem I've run into. The palette currently set is undoubtedly 00, which is the one used by, for instance, Knight Butz. I need to change it to the one used by Bare Galuf. If I want to find something, my first stop is usually Evil Peer's Tracer, but that's not going to help me here. Any suggestions on how to locate the data I need, or am I looking at hours and hours with a corrupter?

P.S. I figure this is obvious, but I'd rather know how to look for stuff myself then just being given the info...we're all in the bizz to increase our skills, right?

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