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Lobster Cowboy
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Default sweet jesus!

oh my god....i can't tell you how freakin' excited i am right now. let me start from the beginning..........

in may 2001, i was on the verge of graduating from syracuse. my roommate and best bud had his family up to our house (i lived with five other buddies), where he introduced me to his sister.

i didn't think much of her at first, but as we hung out, i felt a really strong connection to her. there was something really sexy about her, and also fiery. she was of texicano decent (she's adopted), and lord knows how much i like latina girls.

at the time, i was suffering through a nasty break-up, and was in no condition to pick her up (if she was even single). also, it was my buddy's sister, so it seemed off-limits.

fastforward two years to july 2003. i was in the city with my friends from college, and my friend brings his sister along.

when i first saw her, it was like before. i didn't think much of her. however, as the night wore on, i felt really strongly about her, and really attracted to her. this time, though, she was spoken for. she was in the middle of a two year relationship with some yutz.

but there was a spark. we got along really well, and at the end of the night when we said our goodbyes, i offered her a handshake, and she said "i think i'd rather get a hug instead."

since then, we've corresponded on and off, as she's been a reader for my novel. this morning, however, she sends me a totally different e-mail.

she and the guy broke up!

since then, i've been on cloud nine and a half. i've been looking forward to a chance with this girl, and WHACK...it's here.

however, this isn't without peril. number one, this is one of my best friend's sister. that's a tough one to overcome. i would never even pursue this if i didn't feel so strongly. to put it simply, i could MARRY this girl, and i don't say that lightly. number two, i'm in a woman stew myself....i just broke up with my girlfriend, and we're sorta kinda maybe still sleeping together occasionally. number three, i'm meeting another girl next weekend, and this one is also really amazing. she's a school teacher of slavic descent. and we all know how much i love slavic women. this girl is awesome...she's selfless, earnest and hardworking. and also cute. nice combo. coincidentally, this girl is also just out of a relationship, hers being four years.

man...it really is either feast or famine with the opposite sex. let's hope it all goes right for a change. all these women, and i'll probably end up with nothing

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Default Re: sweet jesus!

If you think it will make you happy do not let anyone or anything get in your way. Sometimes you have to step on some toes. They'll get over it.

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