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Default WinArcadia/AmiArcadia updated

WinArcadia and AmiArcadia have seen a new update, this time to version 12.53. If you are a fan of the Emerson Arcadia, read on for the change log:
  • Improved Russian language support.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
  • wa: added ruler pixels, with THERULER #define.
  • wa: debugger CLI now turns off Caps Lock to avoid !@# etc. input problems.
  • interton: bowling is now very low instead of low sensitivity.
  • interton: fixed Picture 1.0 game help.
  • interton: added knowledge of Picture 1.1 (and marked V1.0 as
  • pvi: added NOSHOW #define to show offscreen and/or blank
  • elektor: fixed: Tester 1 1.01 was incorrectly marked as
  • improved russian support.
  • added samir's latest italian catalog.
  • wa: fixed: wrong tooltips for some gadgets.
  • removed unused entries from catalogs.
  • changed all %ld and %lX format specifiers to %d and %X,
  • malzak: fixed: wasn't showing "malzak" sprite correctly on title
  • wa: deleted unused malzak4.bmp file from source/ directory.
  • wa: arcadia: fixed: some monitor subwindow gadgets were
    positioned wrongly.
  • wa: game information window: now says "nth button" instead of
    just "nth", and is localized.
  • aa: "redefine keys" subwindow now says "nth button:" alongside
    the relevant buttons.
  • aa: "game information" subwindow now says "nth button" alongside
    the relevant buttons, a la wa.
  • aa: fixed: game information subwindow wasn't being closed when
  • lightened bright green (it had become the same as dark green).
You can get both fabulous flavors of this Arcadia emulator straight from our friend the Amigan's website, or you can find either here on Zophar's Domain. Click here for WinArcadia and here for AmiArcadia.

via EmuWiki.com
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