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Default Re: Account deleted?

> I'm sure there are less than 100 regulars. Your failure to
> perform your administrative function is unexcused by your
> sarcasm, which itself only distracts from the real issue.
> Let me address that now: When you migrate your database,
> don't fuck up.

I'm not the one who migrated it, but I'll pass along your sentiments.
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Default Re: Account deleted?

> Exactly. Incompetent people shouldn't be trusted with
> responsibility. It's really that simple.

I've noticed a very strong correlation between incompetent people and people offering very simple solutions.
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Default Re: Account deleted?

The whole conspiracy theory tone to this is both sad and amusing at the same time...but when you mentioned the rules, something came to mind...can't quite remember...oh, there it is!

6) Duplicate Accounts

You are permitted to have ONE user account. Those who create multiple accounts will have BOTH accounts removed.

Now, I didn't delete your account or your thread, but if you'd bothered to read before having a tantrum you might have caught the obvious explanation. :>

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