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Sliver X
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Default *Release* Dragoon X Omega II - Beta 1

After 3 and a half years, the ROM hack of Final Fantasy Thaddeus and I have worked on is in a releaseable state.

Information pertaining to the hack is at it's homepage:


The patch is here:

http://sliverx.panicus.org/RH/dxoii-beta1.rarBeta 1</A>

Please be sure to read the readme.

I truly hope you all enjoy this game.
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Insomnia DMX
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Default Re: *Release* Dragoon X Omega II - Beta 1

> I truly hope you all enjoy this game.

I'm probably going to wait until it comes out of beta to play it, but I listened to the nsf. That music was great, especially track 13, I think that's the battle music. I'm pretty eager to play it, but I've got my own stuff I've been neglecting to work on. *gets crackin'*
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