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Default New to Emulators

Well my friend recently got me into them, so far I like them but how do i get games? He got me one fire emblem and its rocks so far but I don't know how to get the games off this site. Any help?
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Reaper man
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I'll try to help you out.

Games are known as ROMs. ROMs are the program data ripped from the original cartridges. ROMs in a way are like MP3s in which they are copyrighted data, therefore it is illegal for you to own them (and like MP3s no one seems to care/do anything about it, so don't worry about cops busting down your door because you have Fire emblem on your PC). However, due to legal reasons we can't host them or provide you a means to get them. It's in the forum rules and threads like these usually get locked and/or deleted. Sometimes in a severe case the user gets banned, but since it seems like you had no clue that games = ROMs, you should be fine, but just so you know, what you are doing (asking for roms) is a big nono.

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Oh ok O_O Didn't know that ^^; Well like you said about MP3s I just hope that I don't get busted by cops O_O
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