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Default Changing the instruments or soundfont in SPC?

Hi all. I can't write music to save my life but I'm okay at editing existing files.

I'm trying to take the Knights of the round music and make it sound really orchestral. I have pretty much everything I need but here's the problem I run into:

I take the SPC files and convert them to midi. The only software I've seen that is halfway coherent enough to allow this without being part of the space program is 'SPC2MIDI' It works okay overall but for whatever reason (and maybe it's a good one) it decides that everything is played by a grand piano.

You CAN edit the instruments before converting to midi to make life a bit easier for you, but it still spits out some pretty crappy midis. And by crappy I mean; instead of property labeling tracks and staves it just puts 'converted with spc2midi' all over the place. puts everything on the same channel and makes the file a nightmare to work with.

Is anyone aware of a better SPC to Midi converter? One that might possibly be able to maintain accuracy for the instruments used in the first place? Or at least outputs channels properly so that 10 minutes of work doesn't become 2 hours?

Or better yet; Anyone know if an SPC player that load up soundfont to make output music sound different.

For example the emulated SNES 'french horn' becomes a high quality french horn sampled from an actual french horn?

I can eventually make it work with what I've got but dear god it's like some people were trying to make things hard for themselves with how it seems this has to be done.
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One of the problems with converting this SPC music into any format is that the SPC-700 is a processor. The .spc files are executable programs that run on it and generate the music in whatever way the programmer wants. This is for example why plugins from WinAmp to play SPC files are based on ZSNES to emulate them.

SPC2MIDI emulates the SPC-700 program and outputs notes as accurately as possible. I am not sure there are any alternative applications. You could of-course try to dig into some emulator source code like ZSNES and try to make a more accurate exporter out of it yourself...

Perhaps there really is an alternative somewhere else but I searched for something myself the other day and only found this to work (kinda) as well.

Edit: This guy has some amazing sound fonts. Maybe you can get into contact and see how he manages to do it. http://www.williamkage.com/
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Smile There is a way..

You can convert it to .IT module format using SPC2IT and edit the new file using one module tracker, like OpenMPT. I did it before, it is easy and sounds better than midi.
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