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Azul Fria
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Default no$zx v2.0

ZX emulator for WIndows updated.

What's new:
  • renamed from "no$zx81" to "no$zx" (now spans the whole sinclair ZX series);
  • webpage: added screenshots of debugger and games, and even a modern photo;
  • new zx81 hires game: hero (activision game ported from msx to zx81);
  • new zx81 hires game: beamrider (activision game ported from msx to zx81);
  • new zx81 and jupiter ace hires game: magic floor (small search game);
  • zxprogs: updated zxprogs.zip package (some best of zx81/zx80 compilation);
  • a22i: assembler sample source code found in magiczx.zip (on nocash webpage);
  • gui: memorizes recent files list (for restarting them from within file menu);
  • schematics: released edited versions of zx80 and jupiter ace schematics;
  • a22i: assembler supports formulas with brackets, ALU ops and boolean stuff;
  • zx81 video: supports hires with invert attribute (eg. for explosions);
  • zx81 video: supports UDG user-def-graphics (aka RAM/ROM charset expansions);
  • tape: supports .tzx format (mostly for copy-protections or turbo loaders);
  • help: more or less complete specs for countless hardware expansions;
  • help: added spectrum specs, lambda specs, jupiter ace specs;
  • added zx80 autostart in a22i/help/xmit/emu (nocash ld h,l trick);
  • added lambda 8300 and jupiter ace emulation;
  • sound: emulates spectrum ULA, and various PSG/DAC/speech sound expansions;
  • added spectrum support (complete spectrum series including timex versions);
  • xboo: added slow/mixed transfer support for zx80 (instead of for zx81 only);
  • windows version: emulates printer: window/scrollbar/flush/copy/advance;
  • debug window: font size option, moved af'bc'de'hl' to debug window;
  • fixed true-hires bitmap glitches (occured with memory at 8000h and up);
  • activated banks_are_8kb for working 56K RAM emulation;
  • added separate cpuseg/memseg for working 48K RAM emulation;
  • true hires: bitmap supported also at addr>16K, supports dfile invert-attribute;
  • a22i: "ds" alias for "defs", and "ex af,af'" as alias for "ex af,af";
  • cas loader: arj/zip preview/decompression, cmdline/files.lst ARJ:81 format;
  • cas loader: resets zx81 if file not found (instead garbage);
  • flat32: fixed hw_reset from within running emulation (adjust_sp).

Download here or at http://nocash.emubase.de/zx.htm
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