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Default Hack Rejection Thread

Admin's note: I've decided to unsticky this as it's pretty pointless to have here stickied anyway.

Name: Super Adventure Island V
Author: LUISDooMER

I really, REALLY wanted to accept this. It's hard, but it's doable, but more importantly, it's fun. However, there are problems he can easily fix.

I'm sorry, but this is just a mess. Not only do you have weird colored pink tiles attempting to blend in with the blue and brown one, you have glitched up sprites.

That guy who follows you and drains your energy (I forget his name) doesn't look quite right... Plus, most cut off tiles. This entire level seems like a blatant 1-3 level edit anyway with enemies moved around.

This was very unusual...

I can walk right though this thing, and it never attacks me. Is there any point of this being here?

Another annoyance that can be easily fixed:

I can walk through one of these blocks and fall to my death, while others on the same ledge, I can't. Replace that with tiles you can't walk through, this isn't the only cave level it's happened in either.

I can understand that the spriteset declaration may cause other sprites to be glitchy while fixing the other ones, but here's a suggestion. Add your own sprite tables for specific levels that have enemies that aren't normally supposed to be together. I'm sure you can fix these problems in no time, and once you do, I'll accept it.

By the way, we do not accept ROMs. We need to get rid of that option...

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