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Default SMSPlus 1.3 v071508 for Wii added

Apologies for not getting around to this sooner. About 3 weeks ago, eke-eke released his second update to Charles McDonald's excellent Sega Master System / GameGear emulator for the Wii. eke-eke has added the following changes to his new 071508 version:

  • added an option to disable original Sprite Limit emulation (reduce sprite flickering)
  • added an option to display the hidden parts of the original Game Gear LCD screen
  • added Laser Ghost in "Light Phaser" game database
  • fixed a bug which prevented "normal" games displaying correctly after loading a 3D game

  • added automatic alphabetical filesorting (Marty Disibio)
  • fixed Wii/Gamecube RESET button handler (softreset)
  • added support for horizontal wiimote handling in Menu (activated when wiimote is not pointed towards the screen)
  • added custom input ports setting (PHASER,PADDLE, GAMEPAD or NONE), this is still automatically set for games which need specific peripherals
  • keys mapping are now saved in config file
  • when Classic Controller is inserted in Port #1, Wiimote #1 can now be used to control player #2
  • "Soft-Reset" key is now fixed to avoid accidental resets: Buttons + & - on wiimote/classic controller, Triggers L & R on gamecube pad
  • fixed "stretch" mode being canceled after loading a new game
  • fixed SMS BIOS detection (place the BIOS rom on SDCARD in /smsplus/SMS_BIOS.sms)

Thanks so much to Quagmire for the news. You can download this latest version of SMSPlus 1.3 v071508 from our SMSPlus page. I recommend HomeBrew Channel Beta 8 for your Wii homebrew loading needs. Enjoy!

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