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Default Jabber Server...take two ;P

A few people sent me messages asking if I could keep the Jabber server up, so I redirected my domain to a different machine that I should be able to keep it up and running on for a while. So again, for anyone who is interested :>

Server address: relentless.dyndns.org
SSL: required

To make your new account on the server, here's the sign-up page:

Once you're done there, download a good Jabber-compatible client (the one that I'm helping everyone set up is Pidgin, [url]www.pidgin.im[/url]). XMPP is the protocol you need to select -- after that just enter in the same details that you did on the registration page and you're ready to go. :> Once on you'll be added to a default contact list of new users; I've also created a chat room (ID: zmd) specifically for folks visiting from here.

Anyway, that's it, enjoy everybody :> If you have any questions feel free to send me a private message on the boards! (And sorry to the few that did register on the old one, I had to wipe the SQL tables and start over)
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