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Default Help with PS1 music ripping


So I have this image file from the ps1 demo disc and I already managed to clean it up and leave it with just the soundtrack I want.

Now I have a .bin/cue file which has a .SEQ/VAB inside.

I can play them alright in ePSXe but I havent found a way to record that sound or convert those files to .mp3 or .wav.

Anyone has any clues of what my next step must be?

Thank you!
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I don't know how easy this is to do. I'm not the expert on ripping game audio formats. But it seems to me you could use a tool like vgmtoolbox to create .psfs from the source. And then play them with winamp, or my preference - xmplay using the .psf winamp plugin and the wavewriter output to create wavs. Then if you're trying to compile a bin/cue referencing the wavs, just structure it appropriately. This may be bass-ackwards but its what comes to mind.

.SEQ/VAB is like a playstation midi/sample set but there's some specific data in the vab broken out into different parts with headers. I don't know if there is a simpler way to extract the audio natively. Maybe there is.
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