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Dark Knight Kain
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Default Tales of Phantasia European Font Enhancement

The European release is slightly better than the US release, clearer voice acting, cleaned up menus, and some other stuff, but the font in the menu was terrible. This replaces the menu font and makes the dialog font much better.

Comparison screenshots:
<img src=http://dragonsbrethren.elazulspad.net/images/top/topesuck01.png> <img src=http://dragonsbrethren.elazulspad.net/images/top/topefont01.png>
<img src=http://dragonsbrethren.elazulspad.net/images/top/topesuck03.png> <img src=http://dragonsbrethren.elazulspad.net/images/top/topefont03.png>
<img src=http://dragonsbrethren.elazulspad.net/images/top/topesuck04.png> <img src=http://dragonsbrethren.elazulspad.net/images/top/topefont04.png>
<img src=http://dragonsbrethren.elazulspad.net/images/top/topesuck02.png> <img src=http://dragonsbrethren.elazulspad.net/images/top/topefont02.png>

<a href=http://dragonsbrethren.elazulspad.net/hacks/topefont09.zip>Download</a>
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