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Default RetroCopy v0.720

A new release of RetroCopy, a multiple systems emulator for Windows, has been released. These are the changes:
  • [EMU] Improved speed by average 20% in all cores
  • [EMU] Fixed issues with shadow/hilight mode, vertical scrolling, DMA bugs, sprite collision, aspect ratio and timing in the Genesis/Megadrive VDP
  • [EMU] Cleaned up Sega Genesis / Megadrive state, reduced size of it by 600% (allowing more rewind per megabyte)
  • [EMU] Fixed bug in 6button controller that stopped it working in some Genesis/Megadrive games [Sasha]
  • [EMU] Fixed a few Genesis/Megadrive memory map issues [Eke]
  • [EMU] Improved YM2612/Z80/VDP timing in Genesis/Megadrive (along with other fixes 98+% of all Genesis games work very good now)
  • [EMU] Fixed slowdown bug when games read input ports too much (Legend of Galahad, Kawasaki, Aleste) [Sasha]
  • [EMU] Fixed numerous bugs in YM2612 core (fixes Gynoug, Beavis and Butthead, Streets of Rage and a few other games with strange glitches) [Eke,Sasha]
  • [EMU] Cleaned up Sega Master System, Game Gear, Sega-E and Nintendo states
  • [EMU] Added "full display" option to Game Gear. Shows the full Game Gear frame which often has valid screen data.
  • [EMU] Added native sampling to YM2413 FM chip (SMS)
  • [EMU] Improved efficiency, accuracy and general cleanliness of SMSVDP (SMS, GG, SEGAE)
  • [EMU] Improved NES sound filtering, now sample internally at over 240000Hz and then down sample for increased quality.
  • [EMU] Fixed bug in Z80 LD R, A instruction
  • [EMU] Implemented Z80 IM2 support
  • [EMU] Added some config options to set frequency cutoffs and mixing levels of certain audio devices
  • [SOUND] Added new high quality resampling engine with different settings for speed. Every sound chip now uses it.
  • [SOUND] Added 3 band equalizer (using Linkwitz Riley 4th order) , low (bass boost), medium and high frequencies can now be amplified separately
  • [SOUND] Added filtering option which is designed to simulate capacitors/resistors/etc that sound on real machines was filtered through
  • [CORE] Added reset button which forces hard reset
  • [CORE] Added automatic save states to all systems. Simply leave a game and resume it at any time at same point you left. Can also do manual saves
  • [CORE] Added SSE2 optimizations throughout (now a requirement)
  • [CORE] Added memory alignment functions for better multithreading performance of video/audio buffers
  • [CORE] Upgraded to boost 1.42
  • [CORE] Fixed bug that didn't recognize .SMD files for Genesis/Megadrive conversion [lolcano118]
  • [GUI] Fixed bug that wasn't translating some keys correctly like the underscore [Pixel_Crusher, Entrax]
  • [GUI] Added new slider control for volume/bass/etc adjustment
Download it at the project website. It'll be later available here.
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