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Azul Fria
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Default Classic99 v3.40a

Here's what's new :
  • Added Bug99 Debugger support (Edit, Bug99 Window)
  • Fixed error returns from SBRLNK
  • Added TI Workshop ROM with permission from the author
  • Implemented proper address emulation for VDP 4k mode
  • Fix mute/unmute issues around user interface
  • Fix debugger ROM modify flags
  • Fixed by-sector read/write file access
  • fixed delayed timing race
  • Got keyboard controls (TAB, Function Keys, shortcut keys) working on the debug dialog
  • Added WP as a set command on the debugger
  • Made PC and WP work in all debug views
  • Added 1x,2x,4x video sizing options, and fixed aspect ratio
  • default to 1x on startup (for whatever filter is in use)
  • VDPS doesn't clear the 5th sprite number when read, fixed that
  • Fixed meta key problem with keyboard interface
  • Add support for Marc Hull's SID Blaster card (enable in Options->Audio, try XB program MICH_SID!)
  • Moved CPU to separate thread
  • added threat synchronization code now that CPU is running freely
  • replaced video mutex with critical section (performance)
  • replaced PeekMessage loop with GetMessage (performance)
  • Added single-byte VDP address port access
  • Fix timing in 50HZ mode
  • Add audio to AVI files (not working!!)
  • Tweak multicolor bitmap mode registers
  • Fixed partial video frames in AVI video recording
  • Wrote a PDF manual
  • Fix uninitialized critical section at startup - fixes start crash on pre-Windows7

Download it here or at http://www.harmlesslion.com/software/Classic99/
via EmuWiki.com
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