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Vampire hunter D
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Default Youtube problems.

I don't what the hell it is with Youtube and my damn 56k modem, but it's pissing me off. I try to load some of the longer video files and suddenly, the damn thing will act like it's loaded and not load any further when I still have more than half left. Or even worse, when I'm over half-way finished loading the damn thing after close to two hours of waiting and it screws up and has the stupid bar fill up as if it were loaded when it's really not, causing me to have to erase my temporary internet files and refresh the page. Is there a way to keep my modem from glitching out and causing this, or at least make it continue loading from where it left off?
The only times I've ever been able to simply refresh and continue from where it left off is when I get disconnected, otherwhise I have top erase the TI files.
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Default Re: Youtube problems.

I'm on broadband and have had this happen a couple of times on some videos (acting like it's complete when it's not). So, it doesn't seem like it's just the fact that you're on a 56K modem... <img src=smilies/mystery.gif>
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