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Default Re: Current Uptime

> Post your current uptime.

[03/04/05 05:07:11pm] <Atma> [Operating System]:-[Windows 2000 Pro, SP 4 (5.0 - 2195)] [Uptime]:-[Now: 4wks 3days 11hrs 55mins 1sec]-[Record: 4wks 3days 11hrs 55mins 1sec]

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Default Re: Current Uptime

> Post your current uptime.


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Default Re: Current Uptime

> Am I the only one that turns off their computer nightly?
> Leaving it on 24/7 is a big fat waste of electricity -- and
> it isn't exactly an inconvienience to push the power button
> in the morning.

It uses minimal power if you let it idle. And the machine will last longer. The biggest failure mode of electronics is connections physically coming loose due to thermal shock from frquent power up/down cycles.
Also, I frequently have several projects open that I need to be working on. Having them open in front of me tends to get them more attention. I could not do that if I powered down nightly.

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