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Default Joystick testing app

Hi all,

I just finished building an emu machine but I have a conundrum:

I'm using a PSX to usb adaptor(originally I just used one I made myself but the new machine doesn't have parallel ports), and I was looking for a tool that would, once someone presses a button on the joystick, allow me to see which of the Joystick IDs that was. My concern is with emus such as ZSNES and Project64, I'd like to be able to distribute the controllers among the players and know which one is which.

With the parallel adapter, I knew what port which ID plugged in. With the USB one, it seems that each time the machine detects the device it maps the joysticks out, but I never know which one will be player 1.

Any ideas?
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Well, turns out that the interface I'm using(Super JoyBox 5 Pro) gives preference in a predictable order(the hardware IDs are numerically sequential which DirectInput probably takes into consideration). I ended up just paint-markering the interfaces. As long as the controllers start on interface '1', it seems I can figure out which controller does what.

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