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Default Shows over folks...Go home to your families...

Yeah, I have to say, the Rom Hacking community had pretty nice prospects for me. I didn't know I was hated so much.

If I may say so, Zophars time may be up, but you could still kick in some competition. Swampgas, you just have to put someone else in control...That's all you ever had to do to rejuvenate the site. I don't know why you let it decay, but nothing can be done about that. If it's worth it to you, try letting someone else hold the reigns for a bit.

I don't understand the 2 faced attitude that goes on in the community, as well as most of the internet. It's like you grew up but forgot to mature.

ZIEG HEIL! We do as we wish and have no remorse because we didn't like you in the first place!

You know why I came here? I came here to learn about Rom Hacking because I loved emulation so much, I wanted to get deeper into it's roots, the core of it all. I wanted to do something crazy and have my work respected.

But I'm not gonna give too much of a bleeding heart speech. So thats where that ends.

Thanks Thaddeus and Gil for the heads up. I would have never known that people hated me so much if you hadn't spoken up.

Half of you guys are so fucking talented it's unbelievable, yet you choose not to do anything nuts or inconceivable like a select few do.

But those times are in the past I suppose. Let it die or let it rot. Either way, it's all piracy.

I really don't know what to say anymore...Those I gave a helping hand to know who they are, and I respect their silence if they want it.

Farewell...<img src=smilies/sleep.gif>
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