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Default Firefox addons

Found some decent addons lately that I want to let people know are pretty cool or useful.

Personas - This addon changes the look of Firefox by adding a skin to it. You can make your own by just choosing an image also. Unlike themes these skins can be changed on the fly with full previews. Not useful in any way but it sure makes Firefox a little less boring to look at.

This is a preview of one of dozens of current skins

WOT - Web of trust shows up on when you are using a search engine and shows if a website is trust worthy or not. The ratings are made by users.

Similar Web - Gives you similar websites to the site your on. It installs as a sidebar but I just closed the sidebar and click the dropdown button and it shows say if your on a comic website other comic sites that are popular with other similar web users and about 1/2 the recommendations are good and sites I've never heard of before.

This is it and like I said before I don't have that sidebar just the dropdown and button shown.

StumbleUpon - Like above results are driven by user feedback. This is the extension I use to find jokes and other stuff a lot of times. You have the option of choosing a catagory and click the stumble button and are then taken a site that other users recommend. You can also just click the stumble button and hit a random site. I really use this a lot when I'm bored and can't figure out any site I want to visit.

Here's StumbleUpon and the way I have it setup is only the first button stumbleupon and the up and down thumbs and 2 down arrows for dropdowns that are tools/preferences and catagories are visible and it takes up so little rooms it sits on the same toolbar row as my bookmarks toolbar so it doesn't shrink the size of my browser window.

Linkification - Changes written text urls into clickable links.

Secure Login - Like Opera's magic wand stores login information and logs you into most site automatically. This is really good if you delete cookies when you close Firefox.

Image Zoom - Zooms images by just right clicking and choosing the magnification you want.

FastPrevNext - This lets you go forward or backward on sequential site pages. You just move mouse over urlbar and an up and down arrow appear if there are sequential pages and just click either arrow to move throw each page.

UnPlug - Download embedded media from webpages like mp3, flvs, swfs "online games", and all kinds of other stuff. Works with a lot of websites.

Download Helper - Like UnPlug can download embedded media and works with some sites that UnPlug fails to work on.

Better Privacy - Removes supercookies "flash cookies" that Firefox doesn't normally remove.

FEBE - Backs up preferences, extensions, themes, bookmarks, cookies, and other stuff onto your harddrive for safe keeping. You can then burn onto backup disk incase of total drive crash. This is a great addon and I used it after formatting and reinstalling windows before. You just reinstall FEBE then have it restore all your extension and everything else you backed up with a few clicks without redownloading everything one by one. I like this because you can choose to only save or restore what you want to and not have to backup or restore everything, totally customized for every user.

TACO "targetted advertising cookie optout" - This tells those cookies google and other sites use not to save your personal info for use with their advertisers. You have a cookie that doesn't delete with your cookies but it now says OPTOUT and tells the site you don't want them using your info. A lot of sites have policies where they agree to this optout policy so it does help.


I've got other extension like adblock plus and all that stuff but these are some maybe some of you haven't heard of before and might find interesting or useful.

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The 9th Sage
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I should check some of these out, especially TACO. (what a great acronym)
Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.

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Originally Posted by The 9th Sage View Post
I should check some of these out, especially TACO. (what a great acronym)
Works good and when you click delete all cookie in the options window you'll notice there are a bunch left. Those are the optout cookies

If you haven't got it I recommend better privacy also. It automatically deletes flash cookies some sites store in your setting and documents folder when you close Firefox. These cookie aren't deleted by Firefox normally.
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