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Question Transfering a rom into a cartridge (A bunch of questions sadly)

So I think what I'm trying might actually be legal, but if not, lock the thread.

I've taken in interest in gameboy programming recently as a pet project. Anyway this is just an original project, so this question is legal, I think. So I'm not satisfied just making it, I actually want to transfer my project into a cartridge and play it on an actually gameboy. So:

1. Any idea how to accomplish this? Do I need to create a special machine to be able to transfer the code/files into the memory.

2. Where can I find old empty gameboy cartridges and are their different kinds with different types of memory, and if so, what's the highest amount of memory can I find (Like 8 MB if I'm lucky)?

3. How much memory should I have? Or is it possible to take apart an old gameboy cartridge (and legal?) and replace it with another memory chip? And will the camera or memory cards work, or is there a special type if one that I need to find?

4. How can I transfer the files without burning out the cartridge (and the machine), and should I keep a fire hydrant nearby just in case?
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I know it's possible with say.... NES carts. Gameboy carts would be extremely tricky, due to their size. I wouldn't know how you'd go about doing that.
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Your best bet would be to find a Gameboy copier and flash cart. I don't know where you would find one for such an old system these days. I used to have a copier (I think it was an Xchanger) and I want to say my flash cart was 4MB but I could be wrong.
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