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Default Re: What happened to games?

Personally, I'm still as enthralled with games as I was back then. I think it's a little more difficult to get involved with a game because we don't have as much time to dedicate ourselves to a game anymore. I remember when FF2 came out for the SNES. I was a lot younger then...but all I did was go to school, come home, and play the game. You can get really really involved in something if you have the time to focus on it. Now since I have a full time job, a social life, and problems of my own, I can only game within a 6 hour window, and there's many a night when I don't.

And personally, I like Japanese games. There's some American games I like too, but Japanese games are where its at. They have this certain charm and flair about them that NA games just don't have. There didn't seem to be as much of a proliferation of NA games back on the older systems, although I know there were. (And I'm talking about the NES and Genesis really....not any Atari, Colecovision, Intellivision, etc.) ;P
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Default Re: What happened to games?

Yeah, honestly, the last "new" game I've truly enjoyed was Final Fantasy X... and I haven't found anything else that really entrances me the way old games used to. In fact, I just bought the Sonic Mega Collection Plus, and I've already played through the two MegaMan collections out. Those games were great! A blue hedgehog as a main character... not even remotely human or in a human world, managed to captivate so many millions and millions of people... same for Mario. I've sat here and watched my nephew play games that he can hardly understand because he's only 6 years old, always asking me to beat this part or that part for him. With the original Mario and Sonic, there were never any problems understanding the goal. Just jump around and beat the bad guys... simple as that. And the Super Mario tunes from the Super Mario Bros. game for the NES is still the most recognizable audio track in gaming history... to those who remember it. My nephew may very well never play a Sega Master System game or truly experience the Atari 7800 with the simple little paddles and the joysticks for controllers. I hook up my NES sometimes and try to get him to play, but that outdated stuff holds no interest for him... not flashy or real enough, I suppose... but for me, that was the epitome of real as far as games go.

I still haven't spent nearly as much time playing any of the new games I've bought as I have playing games on my systems that are a decade or more old. I suppose the simple reason is that games now are based in a world too much like the one I already live in. When I play games, I do it to escape the crappy drama of real life. I guess that's why FFX was so enthralling to me... because the world in that game was quite a bit different. I spent a lot more time than I should have playing Blitzball, simply because it's humanly impossible to hold your breath for that long underwater (plus I had a good team put together and I never lost except the very first game). I don't know... but I just think a lot of new games are missing that special something that made the classic games truly great.
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Default Re: What happened to games?

> This was initially a reply to Danoz's post, but since it
> turned into an essay, I figured giving it its own topic was
> a better idea.

Games used to create mythologies which sprang from the imaginations of their creators. My friend and I used to (at least try) to believe in the mythos of various video games in an almost religious fashion, because they captured our imaginations so much we wanted them to be more real than the real world. To a child, a video game world isn't as fake as it is to an adult, it's like a whole new world to go to. Your games are like a collection of Wonderlands you can put into your system and visit.

Only a small part of the population has the imagination and feel for life to create an effective video game world, a mini-mythology in a totally alien world that allows humans to experience a sense of wonder and excitement. Corporate suits are focused on an abstract concept: money. They don't want to create, they want to receive money. Before, companies hired people who were in tune with human nature, the type of people who become artists, philosophers, writers, etc. Now they poison the ideas of people like this the same way almost all mainstream movies and music are tainted: by trying too hard to make a product, to manufacture something that people are supposed to like.
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Default Re: What happened to games?

Back in the day you had people like Nintendo and Atari. They were already in the business of making games like arcades and cards. Consoles was just a part of their income and just got people to work with really limited hardware. So to make a game fun they had to think of crazy shit for it to sell. Games then where new and fresh. Any idea was a new idea. Without something to look at you have original content. Today its the same thing. Not original content but the same content. So its true when people say that games are the same as they were back then. Just with a 3rd axis and bumpmapping.
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