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Default A New Threat to our Youth: JENKEM

A new drug has hit the streets. It's called Jenkem. Jenkem is made by shitting and pissing into a jar, letting it ferment for a week and then huffing the fumes.

Look at this experience from Erowid.org

"I find that jenking it up really brings out the inner pervert in me for some reason. I guess it's the close proximity to the shit. But for whatever reason, when I'm really jenked in my bedroom (i like to use really ball-like shit in a mix of clear piss, then swirl it around until the balls dissolve) I sometime sneak over to my sister's room, steal her clothes, and put them on. Then I go to the bathroom, lay in the tub, and jack off all over myself imagining that I am Konata and that there is a giant jenkem dick down my throat. I cum until my dick hurts, then I shit and piss myself.

But when the jenk high is gone, all I'm left with is dirty clothes and a hurt penis. I hate myself."

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