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Default Dolphin Un-official SVN Build 3972

Good news. The Gamecube and Wii emulator, Dolphin, has received an Un-official SVN update which the Dolphin team promises to be "by far the best and most stable bin release [They] have done so far".

Changes in this build includes:
  • 1: Wii menu boots again
  • 2: Change disk works again
  • 3: Frameskipper! game are more playable if they were slow due to gpu.
  • 4: wiimote is working again.
  • 5: tons of sound fixes.
  • 6: more jit speed ups.
  • 7: DVD covers are reported like a real wii - MP3 now boots again.
  • 8: multi crashes fixed in games and gui.
  • 9: some memory leaks fixed.
  • 10: framelimiter working better.
  • 11: FPS display is tons better.
  • 12: lots of work on wii input for linux and macos builds.
  • 13: work on decompressing wii iso's
  • 14: Fix "Show EFB copy regions"
  • 15: TAS support added and working.
  • 16: FIFO bug fixes.
  • 17: GH3 Guitar support added to wiimote plugin tested and works fine.
  • 18: fixed most jittering issues with games. I still rarely see it in 1 game.
  • 19: Add Taiwan to the Country Codes
  • 20: beta auto frameskipping limit (if framelimit & frameskipping is on, it wont skip more then needed or the maximum you set)

This changelog can be found on the Dolphin team's project page here. You can also download the latest Windows build of this release from the Dolphin team's Download section here, or from our archive here in a bit.

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