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Reaper man
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Originally Posted by Rattlehead View Post
That's...odd. How exactly is the networking fucked up if you're able to access the Internet? Sorry, I'm just a little confused.
it is completely possible that she is posting from another PC
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Actually, it's an extremely weird problem. I've got the router connected by an ethernet cable, but KNetworkManager insists nothing is plugged in (but the Kubuntu 8.10 desktop CD can see it just fine). On a hunch, I plugged my USB wireless networking adaptor back in, pointed it at the router, and got a connection. That's what I'm using now.

The router is still within direct sight and still plugged in to my PC, but the software refuses to see it.
Amelia Explains It All - Eventually. Probably.
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symbolic X
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I was listening to Cypress Hill and the video game soundtrack NFSMW
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Tesla - Forever more. Finally some new piece of music to get excited about.
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