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Blue Protoman
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Default Zophar ROMs: You had a good run

Forgive me for posting this in the wrong place, but this seemed relevant. I'd send it directly to the host of roms.zophar.net, but I can't seem to register on the site (due to the Captcha not working). If anyone could show him this thread, by e-mail or otherwise, please do. I want him to read this.

As you know by now, due to financial issues (and a small bit of legal ones), Zophar's ROMs, or most of it, has gone down, and will not be going up in the future. It's a bit old news (November 2010), but I didn't find out until this past week. Here's his original message;

Due to financial problems, problems with servers and kind-of legal problems, I am shutting down several of the most popular sections of the website, while keeping the less popular ones open for a while.

No, nobody sued me. That's what annoys me the most - its not the companies that care - why would they, they make no money from these decade old games, and they make no money from second hand games, so why should they care?

No, its these ridiculous retards who are just regular website visitors that send me threats saying that they will sue me, report me (to who? the game police?) and that I'm somehow making artists in the gaming industry starve. Righto... except artists don't make money from out-of-production games and they sure as hell don't make money from second hand sales of games (and you can bet your ass that the person who sold you that game made a copy for himself).

Anyway, this site is a financial black hole, I get no pleasure from it, so I see no reason to keep it running.

If you have a donation subscription running, cancel it. No, I'm not going to cancel it for you. Any further donations will go towards covering past losses and keeping up what's left of the site.

Thanks, and bye.
So, what am I here to say? Thank you. Thank you for providing people with a great center for ROM downloads. Thank you for providing convenience to this system. And thank you for being willing to run a ROM site, knowing that you would come under legal threats, and spend a lot of money on hosting. You have done a great thing for the emulation community. I am sorry to see you go, however, I will not try and beg to keep it up. I know that you had a hell of a time with this. I will not whine and complain, thinking that you are my bitch. No, what I will do is keep you and your site in my memory, and never forget the great things you've done.

You had a good run, [URL="http://roms.zophar.net/forums/showthread.php?t=655"]Administrator[/URL]. You did well. But all good things must come to a close, and your time has simply come. The best has been made of it.

In closing? Goodbye. And thank you for your blood, sweat, and tears.
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