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Default Super Metroid Editing as a group

I decided to start a website that would allow people to edit Super Metroid and submit there level to a website that would be updated as people add their content. The idea is to get many talented level editors together in one place. Full credit is given for level creations and the point is to make a fun hack of super metroid made by many people. The website is here [URL="http://www.supermetroidcreator.com"]http://www.supermetroidcreator.com[/URL]

Is anyone interested in adding to the game? Its brand new right now.
Comments, suggestions?
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The 9th Sage
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Well, interesting idea, that is for sure.
Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.

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Some months ago I also started editing Metroid but it's very very big project to do so I quit it even in space station.
But if you can get other people who help too I think that then I'm in.

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In the event the basis for this thread is a legitimate operation, I hope it doesn't end up producing one of those "challenge" hacks where all these super lame arcane secrets become mandatory. Which are fine if you like them, but aw ban how many other decent super metroids can I really expect?

Seriously, what's that about? I haven't played this in a year and week, I'm at a dead end, you really expect me to spend three hours shooting every wall, bomb-hopping through every needless twisty ball tunnel, massaging the floor of every acid pool (where I should never be having to look at all)? I don't mind the wimpy underpowered Samus, but this is too much, too often.
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I think also that nearly nobody likes sections when they get stuck. I also played Super Metroid Redesign "the picture above" and it would have taken hours and hours to find those Chozo Guardians if I didn't watch walkthroughvideos in youtube.
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