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Default NES emulator for the DSi?

I'm looking all over for information of a NES emulator for the DSi. Do you know of any? Is it even possible? Someone please help!
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Not a DS/DSi owner myself, but it sounds like this would allow homebrews and emulators for the DS to run on the DSi.
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The 9th Sage
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Yeah, there are some DS flashcarts that will work on DSi. As far as know, no one has made a homebrew (or some sort of device) that runs stuff in DSi mode though. At any rate, NesDS is probably the best DS NES emulator.

If you get one of these flashcarts, make absolutely sure it works in a DSi.
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not to sure myself what will run on the DSi or not, but if you have a working flashcart for it, try out one of these:
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