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Default SDLMAME & OSSv4

This is a question I really want to get an answer to, because SDLMAME works perfectly in all other respects and I'd like to get on with my gaming.

I've got SDLMAME here on my Kubuntu 8.04 system, which uses OSSv4 for sound (no ALSA). SDLMAME initially tried to use ALSA for sound, which caused a lot of errors since it was trying to access non-existent libraries. I've tried changing the 'audiodriver' setting to oss and (on R. Belmont's advice) dsp, with no luck. ossxmix shows no entry for MAME when it's running and should be producing sound, and also shows that no sound is being produced at all. I've tried messing with the volume to no avail, MAME simply isn't outputting anything to OSS.

There must be some way to make SDLMAME use OSSv4, everything else I've tried is happy to. Does anyone have any insights?

Edit: Disregard that, problem solved.
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