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Default ePSXe settings

What would people recommend for settings so I could get the best quality picture? I'm running a pretty good system and I've had no issues running the emulator, but there are so many settings that I don't know which will give me the best. I've got an AMD 4000+ (dual core) processor with 2gb of ram and 128-bit on board video. Any suggestions?
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The settings required depend entirely on the plugins you're using and the games you're playing. You haven't specified either.
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given your hardware, use Pete's GPU D3D plugin (not the exact name) and just play around with the settings, you can try setting everything to the max, but it really varies depending on the games you play.
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Given your hardware, i really dont think you should have that many problems trying to get that up and running. Seriously, I had a worse computer than that and my default settings ran quite well. I did however once have a really old computer and i had to play a lot with the settings to make it work. You dont seem to have an old comp though, unless im mistaken...
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