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Default MiiSX v0.2 added

MiiSX, the MSX emulator for Nintendo Wii, has been added to the archives.

This is the initial release of the emulator, and the first MSX emulator available on Nintendo Wii in our archives.

This is directly quoted from the website: "MiiSX is an MSX 1/MSX 2/MSX 2+ emulator for the Nintendo Wii.

Based on fMSX-SDL, so far, itís a pretty basic emulator. It doesnít support either SCC, MSX Music or MSX Audio, only PSG.

Only uncompressed ROM files can be loaded, and thereís no keyboard implemented (so only games that work with joystick will be playable). PSG emulation is still problematic.
- The emulator can run MSX 1, MSX 2 and MSX 2+ games, in ROM format, from SD cards.
- SDHC supported
- Classic Controller and Wiimote supported, as joystick 1
- Basic menu, for selecting ROM file, and changing emulated system.
- Homebrew Channel compatible

No changelog is provided, but the author does provide what he is planning to be done with the emulator:

- improve sound
- speed up emulation
- better menu :P~
- disk/tape loading on the menu (already supported on the emulator)
- virtual keyboard?
- scc/fm/msx audio
Donít forget to place your games inside sd://MiiSX/ROMS/ or the emulator may crash.

The emulator may be found on the author's webpage here or in our archive here.

via emuwiki.com
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