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Default A bundle of 17 doubles of NES carts and more

I have never posted on here, but I do have some NES carts lying around that are doubles that I'd like to sell in a bundle. I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested, but here is the list:

1 Arkanoid (does not include special Vaus controller)
A little dirt. Some red crayon on the back. No other problems.

2 Blaster Master
No problems

3 Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle
Has some faded writing for some video store that I could not clean off at all.

4 Captain Skyhawk
Faded text is written on it. Can only be seen in the light.

5 Chip 'n Dale
Part of the label is "pushed in"

6 Fester's Quest
No problems.

7 Gradius
Has a small scratch on the top of the label. Can only be seen in the light. Otherwise, no problems.

8 Ice Climber
No problems on the front. The back has faded writing.

9 Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu
Some light scratches.

10 Metal Gear
No problems.

11 Mike Tyson's Punch Out
No problems.

12 P.O.W.
Minor label wear.

13 Rad Racer
A little dirt, but should clean off easily.

14 Seicross
No problems.

15 Slalom
No problems.

16 Xexyz
Has some plastic stuck on the label. Can only be seen in the light.

17 Yo! Noid
No problems

Some good titles in there, no doubt. I'd probably let that go for around $110... Some of these would fetch a fair price on eBay, but others are so friggin' common and are hard to sell individually (Captain Skyhawk for instance), thus the bundle. A few carts have some cosmetic blemishes, which I've listed, but everything is in playable shape.

Also available as single carts:
Adventures of Lolo 1 w/manual $10
Great shape on both.

Adventures of Lolo 3 $20
Great shape.

Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle (yes, I have 3 copies and need to part with 2) $4
Has a tiny knick in the label. Otherwise great.

Anyway, if anyone's interested in any of this material, please reply. If multiple folks are interested, we may have to do a highest bidder. All sales are final.
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