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Default Quite a Bit of SFII Questions Hurr

First off, I'd like to say hi to Zophar, and that I hope to have a good experience here without pissing anybody off >_>

Okay, so to get straight to the point, I'm hacking 'Super Street Fighter II Turbo' for the SNES. I'd like to say before I start asking questions, that I HAVE been looking into this ROM hacking business for quite a while, and that this really was a last resort for me.

So to further explain what I want to do, I'm trying to do a overhaul of the entire game. Text, palettes, graphics, sound, everything. Why am I going through all the trouble for a measly hack? I have no clue really, its just something I started doing because I was hella bored.

The first thing, text, was pretty easy to accomplish. The second thing, sprite editing, wasn't so hard either (tedious, but it worked out). But once I started to work with palettes, I hit what seemed to be the biggest timewaster of them all.

As you know, theres already a tool out that lets you edit the palettes of an SNES ROM called 'snespalette' or something of the sort. As useful as a tool it is, I have to go through 200+ values before I find the color I'd like to edit. This is a VERY tedious process which I would rather not go through, seeing as how SFII has a good 4000 colors if I'm not mistaken. What I'm asking is if there are any databases that list where every color is located, or if ther is an easier process to go through to get to the values I need.

Secondly, I'd like to edit the sound/music within the ROM. Someone has already told me that this is impossible with the current knowledge the hacking community has, but I just wanted to confirm this before giving up hope.

I wouldn't be asking these questions if I had found them elsewhere. Countless hours of searching has giving nothing I wanted to know, so if anyone here knew the answers, they'd be much appreciated.

btw, if ther anyway to edit the animated capcom logo at the beginning ?
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