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Default Downloading all the music

Hi, I want to download all music files and I am a bit lost.
All these thousands of files require me to click on subpages, and it would be a hell of work to download this.
Am I missing something, is there complete.zip or a FTP or a Torrent or something to get the tunes easily?
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I don't really see any reason to download all the files, other than to pollute your computer "just because", a completely useless exercise. Just get the files you need now.

This site has been around for almost 20 years, rest assured, in another 20 years you will still be able to download all the files here.
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These Chipsongs are only a few KB in size, I don't see a problem with having all NSF on my PC and I would like to listen to them in queue and don't want to download a set of say 20 tunes after I have heard the last 20 songs. My question was very serious. So is there a way to get the files in one turn or not?
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Wow, I registered to ask this exact same question. There are thousands of files to download. It would be nice to get them in bulk packages even if they're sorted by system. I would like to be able to browse through the files on my pc, but my biggest reason for wanting to do this is because Kevtris is supposedly making a little videogame music player thingy.


It's easy enough to find a complete SPC set, but I think he is going to make it compatible with multiple formats. Anyway Zophar's Domain has always been a great site. I'll end this post by saying thanks. I can't believe it's almost been 20 years already. How did I get to be so damn old? lol
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