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Azul Fria
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Default Z-Net I v1.0.0.0

Quote from author:

Today I released a new version of my portal/zbattle clone for playing SNES Multi-Player games with ZSNES online.

It contains several behinds the scenes fixes, and has moved out of the beta stage.

It should now be a fully working place for all former zbattle users, and users who never got play on it, to hang out and play games!

URL to the news post:


URL to the downloads page:

You can also download it here at Zophar.

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I'm happy to see the news went through. But the page you posted it on is misleading. That page was for an older/different project, and the description from it both improperly informs users of a dependency on mIRC which this more recent project doesn't have, and could lead users to incorrectly think that this more recent project supports more then just ZSNES.

For clarity:

Z-Net 1.0 was a mIRC addon for ZSNES netplay.
Z-Net 2.0 was a mIRC addon for netplay with multiple emus.
Z-Net I 1.0 is a self contained program for just ZSNES netplay.

Z-Net I is kind of a throwback/reboot to the original idea, but without being dependent on mIRC. The "I" loosely meaning things like Independent, Imitation, or resemblance to the roman number for 1.

Of note, Z-Net 2.0 is still perfectly capable of being used itself, though I no longer support it. Whether with mIRC or not, all of these projects use IRC, so they don't easily die of permanently. Download can be grabbed from my blog again if needed.

The person who posted the news last for Z-Net I when it was in Beta testing, posted it here.


I'll try and help for a proper description to post with it, wherever it ends up.

Z-Net I is a program that helps users find other people to play SNES multi-player games with online, and easily launch those games with the emulator ZSNES. It was made as a replacement for zbattle.net, and both looks and functions exactly the same. For those that have never used that program, it was a program that did exactly as mentioned before, with a focus on simplicity to be user friendly.
Also, for Z-Net I, the homepage is [url]http://z-net.cu.cc/[/url] . But for Z-Net 2.0, I'm only hosting downloads for it on my personal blog, ([url]http://darkakumas.z-net.cu.cc/[/url]) right now purely to preserve it on the internet and as reference in listing all my past projects throughout the years. Eventually I may host in on the Z-Net website, but it wouldn't be to soon.

Anyway. I'll apologize ahead of time for the confusion if I ever release Z-Net 3.0. =p

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Azul Fria
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I'll fix it when I'm home from school.


I reuploaded Z-Net 2.0 for Z-Net and put Z-Net I's update where it belongs. Thanks.

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