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Azul Fria
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Default NICE64 v2.0.4

Nintendo 64 emulator for windows updated. Changes:

  • Remove a well hidden bug from dialog
  • maybe it is the cause of some weird issue
  • remove combo preload, so far no issue
  • major update to MyROM_Properties.ini (must read forum post before upgrade)
  • Minor update to class style
  • Change audio length spec, Mario Tennis seems to violate it (experimental change)
  • so far, no issue with re-spec
  • Re-write looping check handling during VI interrupt
  • lower the check limits base on timing control
  • appropriate reset base on timing control
  • reset exception counter
  • help timing sensitive games e.g. Turok Dinosaur Hunter, Re-Volt etc
  • Re-design and re-write core audio handling
  • fix TGR music audio skipping (read gamenote in NICE64_Readme)
  • fix In-Fisherman SP DMA Read error
  • fix South Park Rally no audio and slowdown
  • remove tempfix for above 3 games
  • Implement new ini read / write logic
  • reduce unnecessary write to ini by > 50%
  • Fix Nushi Zuri 64 - Shiokaze ni Notte for the following issues:
  • game start in interpreter mode if run after emu startup
  • game crash immediately if it is the same as previous game
  • game pickup previous game rom settings instead of its own rom settings
  • remove buggy tempfix
  • Fix NFL QBC 2000 settings (read gamenote in NICE64_Readme)
  • Use CF=2 & Speedup=2X for Forsaken
  • Fix Fighting Force 64 lost audio during gameplay - finally

Other Changes & Fixes
  • Add DO & DONT for multiple emu window switching in NICE64_Readme
  • Add Top Gear Rally gamenote in NICE64_Readme
  • Add NFL QBC 2000 gamenote in NICE64_Readme
  • Update MyROM_Properties.ini

Download it here or at https://sites.google.com/site/pkmnsn64/home
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