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Default Super Bomberman 2 hack

I made a super bomberman 2 hack(pictured) that adds link in the place of the bombers. Wanted to post this up here to see if anyone had any knowledge of how this game works. Wanted to see if anyone knew of stuff that could be changed(other than the graphics) Would love to be able to change levels and stuff(or whatever really). Any help with this would be great....thanks

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I don't know how this game works but I know what bomberman games are like so I'd say that the level data of a random area could be something like this:
0xD * 0xB bytes = 0x8F bytes

D is thirteen in decimal and B eleven.
Mathematically, the "size" of rectangle is the product of its sides.
*Take a look at the picture and you'll notice that the size of the area inside the gray corners is 13x11.

Those 0x8F bytes could for example contain data this way:
00 = green block
01 = grey block (works also as a border block if the data is spared)
02 = grey block which you can destroy

I know this may not make much sense as you're not experienced hacker but yeah...
I don't think I can do much better job helping you than this.
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Default Thanks

No Im not an experienced hacker but this is the exact kind of thing that im looking for. I have been doing some debug stuff. Finding where certain values are stored. Have gotten as far as making a few simple PAR codes. I have found the addresses that store most of the poweups(for p1) .....would it be realistic to make the game give you something else like kick (different powerup) by switching where it stores the value. Like have it store the hand 01 in the kick address? Or am i over simplifying things?

Also i have noticed that the first level is always the same setup then after that it changes seems random but i guess there could be some amount of layouts.

Thanks for the response
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