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Default FF2 (NES) Romhacks?

This may have been a thread before but since I am somewhat new to all of this I really wouldn't know where else to look. I was wondering if there has ever been a romhack of FF2 for the NES in which fixes the bizarre (at least I think it is) level system to a more traditional system like FF1?

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That would be an absolute massive undertaking that nobody is likely to undergo. It would be simpler just to recode the game from scratch.
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Here is most of the known FF2 hacks. I think awj made a couple patches, but I don't recall if he ever released them or not. As for your question, Demonic Pandemonium doesn't recode anything, but it does rebalance it out to be a lot more fluid than it was originally. As InVerse said before me, beyond that, you're better off reprogramming the whole game from scratch. I don't think it's possible, though, because of the chicken-scratch that is Nasircode. =\
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