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Default WinArcadia and AmiArcadia v14.25

A new release of these Arcadia 2001 emulators for Windows and Amiga is available. These are the changes:

14.25 [OS3.5+][Windows][MOS?][OS4?]: Sat 7 Aug 2010.

  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
  • aa: fixed: palette window wasn't being closed when quitting.
  • aa: now StormC is again supported as a compilation platform for the 68K version.
  • merged Samir's latest Italian catalog.
  • arcadia, interton: now it clears RAM areas at reset (avoids eg. force
    feedback problems on Dr. Slump title screen).
  • arcadia: improved Dr. Slump help.
  • merged Stefan's latest German translation.
  • aa: incorporated Stefan's fixes to MorphOS version detection.
  • merged Damaso's latest Spanish translation.
  • improved sidebar handling for parent directories.
  • malzak 2: factory default test switch position is now "play game".
  • arcadia: fixed: monitor window was causing crashes (esp. on aa).
  • sped up monitor, memory viewer, CPU tracing.
  • wa: made some minor changes for VC6.0 compatibility.
  • galaxia: fixed: 3rd PVI wasn't showing correct values in monitor.
  • malzak, galaxia: fixed: monitor was crashing.
  • aa: removed unused bitplanes from g-#?.ilbm and s-#?.ilbm.
Get them at the author's website. They'll be later available in ZD, Windows version here and the Amiga version here.
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