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Default Der Langrisser English Translation 1.02

The Der Langrisser Translation Team has updated their English translation of the (guess!) Der Langrisser RPG for the SNES.

Here's what Moon Knight told us:

Originally Posted by Moon Knight View Post
Congratulations on the revival of Zophar's Domain!

Der Langrisser for the SNES/SFC v.1.02 Final English is now available for download at El Sallia's Der Langrisser page

This is a complete re hack and translation of the original Der Langrisser translation that was unfinished circulating the web. This version is 100% Complete with beautiful English dialogue. For all of you who think you played the greatest SRPG games out there... Welcome to the World of Langrisser.

Here is D's superb Manual for the game with plenty of eye candy to read while you download the patch. Enjoy!
Hi-Res Manual Download
You can check it their website, or in our English SNES Translations section.

Many thanks to Moon Knight for warning us.

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