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Default WinUAE 2.3.0 Beta 20

A new public beta of WinUAE, an Amiga emulator for Windows, version 2.3.0, is available. These are the changes.

Beta 17:
  • removed duplicate "none" in filter list
  • RTD also missed address error check
  • MMU emulation bus error handler uses C++ exceptions again (like in original Aranym version), removed some not so useful forced inlining, smaller executable.
  • decided to disable some MMU table caching and suddenly NetBSD crash disappeared, MMU emulation is probably much slower now but at least it seems to work until proper fix is found, (hopefully Aranym developers have some ideas) Debian 68k Sarge Linux confirmed working now
  • right border color "glitch" when waiting for hpos<7 in copper list broke in b3
  • only disable Direct3D9Ex if pixel shader support is < 2.0
  • do not open files smaller than blocksize (512 bytes) as a hardfile
  • hardfile dialog accepts dragged and dropped files
Beta 18 (RC1, official release next week):
  • F13/F14/F15 rawinput keycodes fixed (at least available on some apple usb keyboards)
  • removed default volume and mute keyboard mappings because in rawinput mode they are always handled by Windows (which is annoying, I haven't found any simple way to disable them, "disable hotkeys" flag only seems to disable Windows keys)
  • fall back to directinput if rawinput enumeration worked but RegisterRawInputDevices() returns error
  • Paula disk fifo statefile support
Beta 19 (RC2):
  • rar archives crashed if file was already open (stupid design flaw, it was possible to open archives even if requested mode was read-write)
  • added "fullscreen (max)" and "fullscreen (tv)" (approximate only) to "autoscale" select menu, basically replaces old "FS" filter multiplier
Beta 20 (RC3, final beta?):
  • Configuration panel save and delete operations lost currently selected configuration entry
  • some filters in DirectDraw mode had blank screen (depended on display height)
  • VirtualAlloc() allocation error and JIT direct enabled recursed until stack overflowed
Download it at the English Amiga Board. It'll be later available here.
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