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Originally Posted by Ugly Joe View Post
Morals, in a sense, would be a set of information that applies to all situations that we face. If you walk into a situation with absolutely no context, your decision making isn't going to be random. It will be based on something. These somethings are your morals.
It sounds like you're describing experience rather than morals. Experience would be, I guess, everything you've learned in your life up to the point where you would make the decision. Whereas morals seem like they would be the opposite. They would be rules you apply to a situation regardless of your experience. One rule might be "do not kill," but what if you're in a situation like war where you have to kill or you will die. You're experience would say to kill the enemy. But your moral law would still say don't kill.

For every choice there is probably a best answer, but the only way to decide is to use your experiance. If you blindly follow moral law you give up your freedom and your humanity. But many moral laws are usually right. It’s better not to lie for example.
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