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First off, I understand pipes point, as well es InVerses.
For me, this whole "social networking twitter etc. thing" is a pain in the ass. I understand why people use this kind of platforms but I donīt. Do I lose friends because of that? No. Do I miss something? No. Do I know people who use such platforms? Yes.
I think thereīs a big difference of relationships, friendships on- and offline. I do like to meet my friends, talk to them eye in eye, take a drink with them, whatever.
Personally, I canīt talk about a friendship with somebody I never met in reallife. Yes, you can chat with someone whoīs of interest - so you gotta meet him/her in the real world. Perhaps then a relationship develops.
Okay, in regard to cellphones - itīs a standard today and everyone in the western society not beeing homeless can afford a cheap one bundled with a pre-paid card.
Finally, I guess one has to use new technologies carefully, otherwise they use you. By the way - you donīt want a friend who insists of e.g. having a Twitter or Facebook account.
I hope my point of view is understandable, īcause English isnīt my native language. Stay tuned and maintain your real friendships and relationships.
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