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It seems to me that your biggest problem is a fundamental misunderstanding of technology. I'm not sure what makes you think it costs $100 or more a month to have a cellphone. I don't currently have a cellphone because I'm not working and the reception out here in the country is too poor to justify bothering with a phone for the few hours a month that I could use it, but when I had one last year, I had unlimited text messaging and paid a total of $30/month for the entire service.

Despite not having a cellphone, I still text message constantly via the computer. On average, I probably exchange a few hundred text messages a day with my girlfriend, in addition to chatting on GChat and talking on the phone. (She's attending college four hours away, so our in person time is rather limited until I move out there in the spring.)

I'm not sure why you think you need to have a cellphone to tweet, either. I use Twitter every day despite not having a cellphone. Judging by their clients, only a minority of the people I interact with on Twitter actually use their phones to tweet. Nor do many of them use Twitter to broadcast the mundane details of their life. It's amazing how many people who don't use Twitter think that the people who do just constantly tweet "I am currently doing ____." "Now I'm doing _____ ." when very few people actually use it for such purposes.

You also seem to be under the misimpression that you're required to provide private information to sites like Facebook and MySpace. It's entirely possible to sign up for a Facebook account and communicate with other users without even creating a profile, let alone filling it full of personal data.

As far as Xbox Live goes, I don't think $4.17 a month is anywhere close to "a shitload" of money. Any service that's so cheap that you can get a month of it by working less than 45 minutes at a minimum wage job is pretty cheap by my standards. And you're paying Microsoft for "nothing"? You also have a fundamental lack of understanding as to how bandwidth works. Or do you think that your data is magically traveling between your 360 and your friend's system with nothing in between?

If all games are created on PC and then ported to the consoles, why are there so many games that aren't available for PC? Why are so many top level game developers bitching about how difficult it is to develop for the PS3? Why don't PC games sell as well as console titles? (It's not simply a matter of a lack of dinosaurs, I assure you.)

It sounds to me like you're making up excuses as to why nobody wants to socialize with you. I don't have a cellphone, I have less than 20 total followers/friends on Twitter & Facebook combined (by choice), I don't even have broadband, yet I have a girlfriend (whom I met on OkCupid) and have no problem socializing with people. Your problem isn't with technology, it's solely and squarely wetware related.

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