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Default xSNES 1.00

JulianG has created a new fork of bsnes:

xSNES 1.00

The idea behind the xSnes fork of higan/bsnes is to preserve and separate the near perfect Super Nintendo portion from the multi-emulator known as higan. This means the emulator cores for the 8-bit Nintendo, and Game Boy Advance have been removed.

The Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulators remain intact to accommodate the Super Game Boy. However, the Game Boy and Game Boy Color are not emulated as independent systems as compiled. Therefore, to play Game Boy & Game Boy Color games, you must use the Super Game Boy exclusively as a Super Nintendo Adapter. I agree clean code is very important. Therefore, I have tried to follow byuu's lead. The only code I would find to be outside of this philosophy would be the BS-X code, but I must stress that code is extremely narrow and only pertains specifically to the BS-X Satellaview.

higan v094 - xSnes v1.00

- Removed 8-bit Nintendo, and Game Boy Advance emulation cores
- Game Boy and Game Boy Color require the exclusive use of the Super Game Boy
- Audio now defaults to the 32hz frequency to match real hardware
- Custom xSnes profile, Performance profile PPU with Accuracy profile CPU, SMP, & DSP
- Changed cartridge folder name for save states to "states"
- Ananke no longer supports *.fc,*.nes, or *.gba extensions
- Default config path changed from "%AppData%\higan" to "%AppData%\xSnes"
- F1 & F2 input keys have been assigned by default for Export Memory and Tracer minus input.bml
- Emulator Icon has been replaced and the UI has been slightly altered
- Emulator has been rebranded to "xSnes" & Modified "About" information located in the UI Conifg-Advanced tab
- Super Game Boy's video renders in real time (v094r01)
- MSU-1 code has been simpified (v094r08)
- Base system volume is no longer cut in half (v094r08)
- Tiny bugfix in drawing of the Super Scope and Justifier cursor was fixed as they are meant to be red and green respectively, not black (v094r08)
- Performance profile Tetris Attack flicking in VS CPU mode fixed (v094r27)
- BS-X Satellaview specific improvements (thanks LuigiBlood, & quequotion)
- Proper NSS Dip switch function (thanks hex_usr)
- Expanded exportMemory to dump expansion chip-specific memory. Currently, only the SA-1, ST-018, and Cx4 are supported (thanks hex_usr)
- Added exportRegisters for exporting some PPU registers to a debug report in BML format, Not all registers are supported (thanks hex_usr)
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