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Default Helping little engineer

Hello there! Firstly, i want to apologize for my bad english in advance. Now to the subject of my thread.

This semestre is final in my way of education in local technical university, and i've got some project to do in order to get my degree and diploma. I decided to design project of portable audio player (high tech only, lol), with capabilities of playing mp3,wav, etc. and nsf and gbs audio formats! And i've got lot of questions, and i'm keep looking for answers on the internets, thought maybe you guys can help me a little with something.

Some questions to ask you:

- What is better as a core of system - microprocessor (cpu) or microcontroller? And how to calculate how much resoursec i need? I mean how powerful cpu/mpu should be.

- Regarding nsf,gbs playback - is it easier to make it hardware, or just use software emulation?

- What microschems i might be needed to work with sound - equalizer, volume controller, etc.

I found this cool vlsi solution company or something, and they provide nice VS1011 - MP3 Decoder Circuit, that what i need i think.. What would you reccomend to read, some sites/literature/anything? What microschems would you reccomend me to use in my project? Thanks everyone for attention and stuff!
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