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The non-intuitiveness gap (it's a word now, I said it) of Linux compared to Windows/MacOS is a lot narrower than it was in 2000 when I first gave SuSE a shot... For example, it's mind blowing to me how simple Ubuntu is to install and use.

But it still has issues gaping enough to drive a truck through if you wanted to put on the computer of that Aunt or Uncle everyone has. You know. The one that really doesn't want to use computers (and shouldn't, due to ineptitude) but has to because of the society we've made for ourselves (unless you want to go all Thoreau-like and live in a hut in the woods).

Until Linux can do iTunes and Netflix, the public isn't going to embrace it. In my opinion.

Right now, the corps like Microsoft because they pay ridiculous licensing costs and can call them if something is wrong and get support. The average user is familiar with that although they are starting to shift to apple a little bit.
Trust me, there are plenty of situations where our sys admins at my work call Microsoft and they have no clue. My machine was the guinea pig for Win7. But sometimes I have to work from a different office, and the other PC's in the office were still XP... Jesus, the problems the Win 7 machine would have after I logged into an XP machine. It would refuse to load my profile which was crazy, because really they were two separate profiles. Microsoft had a technician look at the problem for three months. There was no resolution other than "Upgrade everything to Windows 7."

On your second point, I can't migrate to Apple. First: cost of replacing software. Second, I feel like Apple and Microsoft have had a nice role reversal since the late 90's early 00's. I think Apple is becoming the evil empire doing what they want while Microsoft is starting to more readily embrace standards.
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