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actually, I agree with VT, Linux still has a lot of little issues here and there. not all of them are game breaking, and I will tell you that Ubuntu has made significant strides in desktop Linux ease of use in 5 years than the entire community combined, but they are still at least another 5 years away. you need support for business critical protocols and easier ways to manage things without dropping to the command line. on a modern desktop system, unless you're a dev. there should be no reason to have to go on the command line. ever. having to remember mount commands, UUIDs, and flags is not something that the techo inept is going to want to deal with. hell I'm lucky if i can get a user to read whats on the screen instead of seeing nothing but an error box and calling me.

Anyway, once Linux starts commanding more than 1% market share, and more like 15% you'll start to see modern games on it. once you start getting the games, the rest will fall into place, and by that time, hopefully people will have their shit in order when it comes to desktops.
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