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Well after some looking I'm revising my specifications. I was hoping for an LED monitor. You know actual LED as in organic LED, not another fucking LCD with LED backlights for no good reason like every single 'LED monitor' on the market seems to be, making liars of every monitor manufacturer the world over.

So fuck it, I don't even care any more. LCD with no care what's actually producing that light because I don't fucking care about that part! Also, swivel is not strictly necessary, though it would be nice since every CRT I've ever had going back to 1996 did it, but now it seems that's out in favour of screwing you over even harder for a bit more money.

So forget LEDs, forget swivelling (but keep tilting, tilting is essential), and upgrade the size to 24 inches because I fucking deserve it. Also I'd like to avoid Samsung if possible since they seem to have a habit of selling monitors with Europlugs in the UK market, i.e. selling us monitors that we can't even plug in. Seriously, what?

If I get no further responses soon, I'm probably just going to go out and buy whatever seems best. I really hate looking for monitors.

Edit: Or not. The monitor came back to life, somehow. No idea why it died, even less why it started working again. Also, this monitor can tilt, I just never realized that in three years of having it because it was really stiff.

So... yeah.
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